Morristown Booming with Redevelopment

by: Joseph Grather
25 May 2016

This is kind of an off topic post … but generally fits within the purview of redevelopment.

Having grown-up in Colonial Morristown with its historic Green; and National Historic Parks (Washington’s Headquarters and Jockey Hollow), and having returned for the practice of law, I am amazed at the transformation that has occurred over the past decade in my home town. The most recent development is the Modera 55 – as announced in  The Town is truly bustling everyday with activity – new restaurants, new home construction; new retail space – all of which is being accomplished without destroying the historic character of the downtown.  Living in the age of the fall of the Big Box stores (thankfully), it is reassuring to witness redevelopment of a small town without a one hundred eighty degree change. (now someone just needs to fix the HQ Plaza Office towers – one vote for more green space)

There was, of course, some displacement of single family residences under threat of eminent domain, but most if not all of the acquisitions were accomplished by agreement not condemnation.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
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